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Extended License To Kill romhack

Short description

Choose any set of objectives for any difficulty; adds additional challenge modes.

Short (44 seconds) youtube demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AeiRSg-5eE.




2022-05-09 (v1.0): initial release

Long description

Difficulty is separated from objectives now. LTK, LTK Practice, DLTK, and DLTK Practice are added as selectable difficulties. Now it is possible to play LTK with Agent objectives.

All cheats and stages are unlocked.

Added the following game options (XLTK)

The end screen has been modified to show decimal time, as well as the selected difficulty and enabled game options.

This is a minimal romhack, the goal is to be as close to original implementation of the game as possible while supporting the above changes.

Difficulty select screen:

End screeen: