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Benchmark ROM

I have written a simple "TAS" for Runway which will play the level on repeat and gather run statistics.

Actions are performed after a certain number of ticks have passed. There is some "active sensing" when turning and when adjusting to the correct look up/down angle -- instead of hold button for X number of frames, it holds the button until the angle is reached.

I have removed the drones, all gaurds, all doors, and removed the AI script to spawn guards; I moved the spawn point forward to avoid (some) turning. The level ends when you pass a z position threshold at the end of the runway.

The level will continuously loop until you press L Trigger. You can pause to adjust settings, the run will be discounted from the session; you're free to move until you quit out.

Note: you need a clean quit out (not L Trigger) to save settings.




2022-03-24 (v1.3): Fix unarmed. Fix infinite ammo.
2022-03-20 (v1.2): Adjust variance display
2022-03-18 (v1.1): Added variance to end screen for statistical analysis.
2022-03-17 (v1.0): initial release

Watch menu

I added a watch screen:

This allows changing the following settings:

End Screen

The end screen looks like

On the left is a list of all options used in the session. This lists the "game" options from the watch screen, from music down to ratio. Then the romhack specific options are listed:

On the right are run statistics for the session. Any partial (quit out) runs are not counted. From top down:


List of environments. There are two bonus settings not normally in the game that set nearfog to zero, and farfog to 100 and 500. These are called 10/100 and 10/500.