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TANKBOND romhack

This is a quick romhack to play the game in a tank.

Youtube demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbeC5Tavnq0


File hash information. The baserom SHA1 is given, and the corresponding hash of the xdelta patch to apply.

    NTSC  : baserom      `ABE01E4AEB033B6C0836819F549C791B26CFDE83`
          :  xdelta 1.0  `F95007C0C32A5730B0D38A48BFA462FC1D7F9A94`
          :  xdelta 1.1  `1EE40D33B238FFA87FCA5E85892305794A71F91F`


TankBond v1.1 NTSC
TankBond v1.0 NTSC


You enter the tank at the start of the level and can't exit the tank. You are given tank ammo on every stage except Archives and Bunker 2. You can pick up items and ammo like a normal play through.

The tank is scaled down quite a bit. Clipping code has been modified, the tank bounding box is smaller than the model. The stan navigation code has also been modified to use a hybrid between the tank code and bond code. You can drive up ramps/stairs and warp up and down ladders.

Minimum lower angle in the tank has been lowered to -40 degrees from -20. You can rotate the tank slightly faster now.

Version 1.1

Version 1.0