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Val strafe practice ROM

This romhack is designed for practicing strafing Valentine on Statue and Streets. A HUD is added to show distance Val has traveled, time since the encounter started, and speed (distance divided by time).

youtube overview: https://youtu.be/fxueQpCEoYw


The NTSC-U xdelta patch should be applied against US NTSC .z64 with SHA1 ABE01E4AEB033B6C0836819F549C791B26CFDE83.



2022-03-23 (v1.1): Add "timer mode", with "default" and "Val" option.

2022-03-12 (v1.0): initial release

User Interface

The HUD looks like:

From left to right:

The watch menu looks like:

From top to bottom:


Standard invisibility cheat with some additional changes. Sets drone gun aim distance to 1cm. (not included) Periodically resets security camera "seen Bond" internal count so that alarm threshold is never reached (not included). Allows line of sight check to succeed for the following:

Guard Option

Disables guards during initial stage setup. Also intercepts other guard creation events, like cloning and AI scripts. Exception was made for Dr. Doak to still spawn even with guards disabled. The NPCs listed in the "+Invisibility" section are excluded as well (they will always be loaded).

Controller shortcuts

These shortcuts work in solo game mode, regardless of the current control style.

Exit to title:

controller 1: Z + DPAD Down + all C buttons + R trigger


controller 1: Z + DPAD Down
controller 2: Z + DPAD Down

Restart stage:

controller 1: Z + DPAD Down + Start


controller 1: Z + DPAD Down
controller 2: Z + Start